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Terms and conditions

Prices - All prices quoted after a consultation over the phone or email, are based on the questions asked, and the answers given, if we find the answers given are not correct, this will incur extra costs.
Products - We supply all products and equipment, excluding a mop and bucket. Please ensure you have a mop and bucket that is useable so we can clean the floors, we will not be able to clean them without one. If you have any specialist floor product please leave in your mop bucket for the cleaners to use. If there is a delicate item that has any specialist cleaning instructions it is your responsibility to ensure we are aware and it is added to your job sheet. We will not be held responsible for an item that gets marked from products if we are not aware.
Damages - Any damages must be reported to us within 48 hours, any damages reported after this time will not be considered
It is the clients responsibility to inform us of any furniture and other items that are not secured in the property, we will not be held responsible for items falling down due to not being secured correctly. i.e picture frames, curtain poles
It is also the clients responsibility to advise us of any furniture on hard floors that are not on the correct furniture pads, we will not be held responsible for furniture scratching floors when moved.
Fragile/irreplaceable/sentimental items - We would recommend that any items that are extremely fragile or irreplaceable/sentimental are either put away or you should ask us not to clean them.
High Value Items – Please advise us of anything that is easily broken of a high value, ie ornaments etc. This will ensure this is added to your job sheet to ensure extra care is taken with these items.
Where any client uses our services and the payment becomes overdue, the debt will be passed to Daniel Silverman for debt collection, where a 20% recovery charge will be added to cover our costs. Daniel Silverman may also add further charges.

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